Because you just never know. Go to professional online places like absolutedp.com to sift through all the basic information that you will need going forward. This is certainly essential if you have an established business and the premises that you operate from are in your control. You do not need to own the property. You can do two things here. Find out if your landlord is already contracted with a professional plumbing service.

If for some peculiar reason he is not (he should be at this point) check with him if you can go ahead with acquiring the services of a contracted professional plumbing company. Also ask if you can pass on the expenses to the landlord. This is reasonable since any number of plumbing breakdowns that could occur on your premises will not be of your doing. You can always act within reason. Those things that are caused through your own operations can be for your account.

And those faults which are entirely the landlord’s responsibility can be for his account. That would be fair, wouldn’t it? In any case, your professional plumbing inspector can quickly set things right for you. Both you and the landlord need not worry about expenses at this stage. The very first inspection and subsequent consultation could be given to you guys free of charge. And if any plumbing repair and maintenance work is recommended (if your premises are already quite old you can be pretty sure that this recommendation will come) you won’t be under any obligation to follow through on the cost estimate (also free).

But as a responsible business and property owner, you would be pretty foolish not to follow the professional advice of your professional and accredited plumbing consultant or technician. You are quite used to having your own capabilities thoroughly vetted before any new customer accepts your work proposal, so by all means, go right ahead and check out the plumber’s credentials. That is quite easy to do.

If the information is not readily available on his own website, the professional plumber will be more than happy to oblige. It is all in keeping with being thoroughly professional anyhow.