The last thing that a homeowner needs is knowing that the property has a problem with termites in the basement, inside the walls, and damaging the structural foundations. Termites can cause those creaks and sounds on the wooden floors and stairs to become louder over time, indicating that they are no longer sturdy or strong enough to support any weight. Once this problem has been identified, it is imperative that it be resolved.

Treatment of termites

This type of problem is known to cause billions in property damage every year upon unsuspecting homeowner. Since they feed on the food throughout the house, they can then spread on to consuming other materials such as paper, old books, insulation padding and home heating and filtration units. In addition to the home itself, termites can also bring their damage to the trees and plants outdoor. For these reasons, it is important to get an inspection and estimate before ridding the problem once and for all.

The fact that winged termites also exist should be of additional concern to homeowners. These can be identified by their straight shaped antennae and wings of a size proportional to their bodies. Termites are generally attracted to areas around the windows and doors, areas where the heat from home temperature control system and the elements of the outside can get inside. Since they begin their damage on the trees and plant life outside, it’s a small step for them to proceed and make themselves unwanted guests inside a home. If they are spotted coming from the basement, it is sufficient proof that an infestation has begun, and it needs to be addressed right away. Treatment of termites can be done by professionals.

Among the choices and methods by termite control professionals, the most common are in either liquid form or having to use baits. The liquid form is a type of solvent that is sprayed and spread around the perimeter of the house and building. This is to create a barrier through which termites won’t go through at all. It serves to repel termites away from a building while also killing off the ones within the treated perimeter. This form of treatment of termites is assured in making the problem go away for good.